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Writerous (The Posterous Plug-in For Live Writer) Has Been Updated

by @ 22:46 on July 5, 2010. Tags: , ,
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Writerous is my Live Writer plug-in that I made to allow users to use Live Writer to publish to Posterous, something which can’t be done in Live Writer natively (due to the Posterous API). I was recently made aware of a post in the discussion section on Codeplex for Writerous, which I had sadly missed, asking for an alteration to the plug-in (or in my eyes, an extra option).

Now, the way in which Writerous works is you have to have a “dummy” blog configured within Live Writer, nothing will get published to it, but it needs to be there for the act of publishing so that Writerous can then do its thing.

The suggestion from Julian was to have the ability to not only publish to posterous, but also publish to the “dummy” blog, and no longer make it a dummy blog, so this is what has been updated. To set this up, simply go to the Writerous options within Live Writer and check the box to post to hosting blog:


It’s as simple as that. Once you publish, instead of getting the message about publishing being cancelled, Live Writer will continue and publish the post as you would normally expect.

Please remember, if you have any feedback, go to the Writerous site on Codeplex or send a message to @writerous. If you have done either of those things and I haven’t responded, do please prod me on my main twitter account @scottisafool.


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