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Keyboard Shortcut Plug-in For Live Writer

by @ 15:05 on February 13, 2011. Tags: ,
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Last year, Aaron Bregal of the Live Writer team, wrote a great, comprehensive list of all the keyboard shortcuts available in Live Writer 2011. Now, unless you’re this guy, you won’t remember all of those shortcuts. You won’t, so stop saying you can. So what do you do? Bookmark the page? I guess this is the best option, as you can then access it from your favourites.

However, I decided that this isn’t the best option and just wasn’t a quick enough quick reference. So I’ve written a plug-in (in the loosest sense of the word) that will display all the keyboard shortcuts for Live Writer 2011, based on Aaron’s post.

This means that when you’re busy typing away, you can get the quick reference with just a single click (yes, I’m aware of the irony of not being able to give it a keyboard shortcut).

Here’s the obligatory screenshot:

Please note, this plug-in does nothing more than display the shortcuts. It doesn’t insert anything into your blog post, bake you a cake, or perform the shortcut for you.

You can download this from here. Oh, there is no installer for this, so you’ll have to install this plug-in manually.


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  2. MIka says:

    Installed RSS/Feedreader-Plugin for Live Writer but now some exception happens – the Plugin looks for plugin-data in C:\Programme/Live Writer/Plugins/FeedRaderSettings.xml but due to Live Writer no is Part of Windows Live Suite those files should take place now in folder C:\Programme\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins\

    So what shall we do now?


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