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WordPress Thickbox Plugin for Live Writer

I’m a huge fan of the Lightbox plugin for blogs, whether it’s on wordpress or or any other blog type. For those who don’t know, the Lightbox plugin enables you to have your blog set so that if a user clicks on an image, that image opens inline, rather than redirecting them away from your blog’s content. I use it on all of my blogs and you can see it in action by clicking on any image on this blog.

It works by you adding rel=”lightbox” into a link’s attributes within the post. If you’re like me and use Live Writer, then you’ll know that Live Writer detects whether a blog has Lightbox installed and will add the rel attribute automatically. But what if you’re blogging on a blog? You can’t install plugins there and there is no native lightbox support. Well, dear Reader, read on.

Looking around, there’s a bit of a “hack” in order to get this to work, which simply involves two steps:

  1. Add the SocialVibe widget to your blog
  2. In your links, add: class=”thickbox”

Then you’ll get the same affect. Now, other than the aside of having the garish SocialVibe box on your blog, the other pain is that it’s not a supported action in Live Writer and going into the source on every image is tedious at best. So I created a quick Live Writer plugin to make this task easier.

Once you’ve installed the plugin and written your blog post, highlight the entire post (ctrl+A), then click on “Wordpress ThickBox” from the Insert tab. That’s it. Done. It will only add that class attribute to a link that points to either jpg, jpeg, png or gif.

Want to see it action? Course you do. Head over to my WebTone blog and click one of the images.

Download the plugin.


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